Here at La Playa, our classes focus upon communication. The reason we learn a language is to be able to communicate with other speakers of that language. Whether you are in a private class discussing a theme with your teacher, or in a group class debating and justifying your opinion within the group, you are always encouraged to speak. Our teachers are patient and always willing to help, it’s our job! We create a calm and comfortable environment so as you feel capable of expressing your opinion without fear.

Obviously, you cannot learn a language without learning some of the grammar basics. However, once all the boring stuff is out the way, we can begin to simply talk and get to know each other. This is the part of the process of personalisation. As I have said, we promote communication and conversational skills as much as possible. This is our priority. What is more, we also enjoy speaking about issues, themes and current events. Building the relationship between student and teacher helps to improve and enhance learning.

Nevertheless, the most important thing about our classes is that they are YOUR classes. We personalise our classes to you and make sure you can fully benefit from what we offer. The only way you can know for sure what our classes are like is by coming along and seeing first hand. Don’t hesitate, get in touch!