Obviously you cannot become fluent in a language over night. We understand learning a language takes time, effort and motivation. Therefore, here at the Escuela we accommodate to all levels and make sure we can help you progress to the next level, whichever that may be. We also understand how important it is to fully immerse yourself in the language and to practice as much as possible. This is why our variety of courses are adapted specifically to match this.

Our courses correspond with the different needs of each student. For example, we have a course specifically for students who are preparing for their DELE exam. These classes are also adapted to the level of the students; whether this is beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Our methodology of the classes is focused around a communicative system, working towards being able to put your learning experience into practice in the real world. All of this combined promotes the development of your skills and capabilities.

We make sure we provide everything necessary in order to help you progress these as much as possible. The combination of our experienced teachers, own didactic resources and your personal learning experience, is exactly what pushes you to achieve the next level that you need. We aim to achieve the perfect balance between practicing conversational skills and the grammar because we understand how you cannot learn one without the other. This is the same method for each of our classes.

Our consistency is important in the progression of our students as it helps them feel comfortable in our classes and increases the possibility of improvement. Come and do a course with us here at the Escuela, and let us adapt to your needs to help you reach your goals and targets.