Marta’s favourite language is Spanish because of the pronunciation, the culture and traditions. They both study languages in their school in Italy and have English lessons since they were 5 years old but are now on their way to becoming fluent in Spanish. Today they will let us know more about their experiences at Escuela La Playa and their life in La Cala del Moral.

Hello Marta and Anna

How are you? We have a few questions to you regarding your study trip in Malaga.

  • Are you ready? 
  • Absolutely. Let´s start!

Do you like the life in Malaga? Is it different than in Italy?

Yes we love it! There are some differences as for example in Spain they eat much later. In Italy, they have lunch at 1 pm and here at 2.5 pm. In Italy it´s the same with dinner: they normally eat at 7:30pm and here at 10pm or 11pm. In addition to that the people here are much more open and laugh a lot.

Have you set goals you want to reach with learning languages?

Yes, we have to have the level B2 for school exams next year. In addition, we want to reach a high level to be able to do an internship abroad next year. That is our biggest dream! Marta is thinking of going to Berlin (Germany), for which she has to learn the German language. Anna would like to do ERASMUS in Spain or in Latin America.

Could you tell us what you do outside if the lessons here in Malaga?

On our first day we went to Cordoba. We have also seen the historic center of Malaga, visited Rincon de la Victoria and Las Cuevas del Tesoro. Yesterday, for example, we had free time in the afternoon and went to La Cala del Moral to buy some presents for our family and friends at home. Tomorrow we will buy more in the center of Malaga.

Do you think it`s a good way learning a language with your classmates or is it better alone?

You learn much more when you are with your classmates because, for example during a class, you can learn from the mistakes of them. This way we can improve the language and also learn from it. If you´re attending a course in Spain, you get the total experience. Studying alone is different from really learning and understanding a language.

Marta and Anna from Italy escuela la playa


Have you studied other languages before?

Yes in school we studied English, Italian, Spanish and French.

Have you got out of your comfort zone through learning languages?

We think that experiences abroad improve your speaking skills because you really have to practice daily conversations such as in supermarkets, bars or restaurants. Last year we were more afraid of speaking in another language which has changed because now we are older and more confident.


What is your biggest recommendation to future students?

We think that the Spanish language is one of the most spoken languages in the world, therefore it is very important. In addition, it’s  a wonderful language which is easier for Italian students to learn because it is a Latin language. For people from the Netherlands or Germany, for example, it can be more of a challenge.

What do you think about Escuela La Playa?

We have been to other language schools in France and England but this is definitely our favourite. There are many interactive lessons and the activities are really educational and fun. Also the teachers are really interested in our learning process and are like friends to us.

Would you like to visit Andalusia again?

Yes for sure! We would love to come back!