So it’s no longer 2015, we have begun a New Year! Say hello to 2016! You can say goodbye to all the negatives that happened last year and focus on all the great things you have achieved. This is the year to learn something new, experience something you have never done before, achieve something you thought you never would!

Learn Spanish!!

Why not get involved and begin your year with a positive attitude and an enthusiasm to learn something new?! Here at La Playa Escuela de Español, we can help you to achieve your goal. With our Spanish courses for all levels and ages, you can complete your goal and learn something new.

A New Year is the perfect opportunity to start again, do something new and different. Get your year off to a good start and make sure you have the best year possible!

While here in Spain, we’ll be completing the challenge of the 12 grapes and celebrating the end of ‘nochevieja’ whilst welcoming in the ‘año nuevo’. There is so much to look forward to in the New Year and we wouldn’t want you to miss out! So come and learn a new skill to make sure you can have the best year possible in 2016!