The teachers which make you enjoy your Spanish course Malaga!

The creative team of La Playa School is formed by post-graduate qualified teachers and linguists, quialified as well in an specific degree of spanish language teaching, working and collaborating with prestigious and recognized publishers specialized in Spanish as a foreign language, and involved in other professional enviroments in Spain and abroad.

Standard Spanish pronunciation is used during the lessons. However, the teachers´ accent is representative of several Spanish regions. That way, learners can gain an insight into the different linguistic varieties of peninsular Spanish.

Within this team, there are teachers who have edited, evaluated, analysed and tested all resources which you will be taking advantage of from the moment you start your Spanish course Malaga at La Playa School.

Evaluation of our students

Skills 96%
Clear Explanations 87%
Friendly and Patient 85%
Motivating 96%
Creates a good language learning environment 89%

*These data were extracted from the surveys that our students do at the end of their Spanish course Malaga. 

Spanish School La Playa Team

Pedro Puertas
Pedro PuertasTeacher
One of the greatest sensations is realizing how my students are gradually able to understand and use resources which, at the beginning, seemed unreachable to them. After experiencing this for the first time, I understood that teaching is my vocation.

I am a psychotherapist, but as I consider myself an eternal student, I have a multidisciplinary education in different areas such as science, history and art. After gaining vast experience working in public and private companies, I decided dedicating myself to my passion: teaching and the diffusion of the Spanish language, culture and history. In order to do that, I have got various certificates in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

For me, giving a Spanish class is more than teaching students grammar, vocabulary and solving exercices. In the contrary, it is necessary to make a whole story out of a class and play it, as we used to do as children. We have to try to get back to this infant world where learning is a surprising discovery, an impressive trip and make the student being involved in a fascinating story which gets every day clearer and clearer.

At La Playa Escuela de Español I have finally found the perfect place to develop the nicest work on earth: being teacher.

María Cano
María CanoTeacher
As a philologist, I completely love my language and my culture, and there is nothing better tan sharing my passion with students. Teaching fills my heart and, in the meantime, I discover new ways of thinking and living.

I feel like I am starting a journey in every lesson, I open my mind and my heart to something unknown. I can be useful in helping students in reaching the Spanish level necessary to obtain a job, matriculating in a University or starting a new life (here or in another hispanic country).

Since Language is a useful tool, in my opinion, lessons are the perfect microcosm to unleash your creativity. And Escuela La Playa  is the best place to implement this.

Celia de Arcos
Celia de ArcosTeacher
Classrooms must be a space to exchange opinions and knowledge. My goal is that students go home happy for having learnt something useful for their linguistic background, as I do, going home knowing I learnt new things about the relation between learning a language and teaching it.

I started my carreer at the University of Malaga, in Philosophy department. The turning point in my pattern was starting the ELE studies (Spanish as a foreign Language), pushed by my interest towards Language and its cultural dimension.

I feel completely satisfied with being part of the teachers’ team in a School as La Playa Escuela de Español, a wonderful place to teach and learn.

Nacho Campos
Nacho CamposTeacher
In 2017 I attended private lessons with a native German professor and, in that moment, I understood how wonderful it is to teach your language to people who want to learn it.

I graduated in Translation and Interpretership and I have a Master in English Studies and Multilingual and Intercultural Communication. In 2018 I have been monitor in Spanish Language in several public institutes in Paris. I was fascinated by this experience and I decided to orient my carreer towards education, teaching Spanish as a foreign language, and I attended succesfully several courses focused on the education, both for adults and for kids.

Traditionally, languages have always been taught basing on theory and exercises that, in my opinion, turn out to be boring for students. For this reason, I always try to enrich my classes with different activities, with a communicative point of view, through which people can interiorize the theory learned, in a dynamic and funny way.

I hope to see you in my class!