The teachers which make you enjoy your Spanish course Malaga!

The creative team of La Playa School is formed by post-graduate qualified teachers and linguists, quialified as well in an specific degree of spanish language teaching, working and collaborating with prestigious and recognized publishers specialized in Spanish as a foreign language, and involved in other professional enviroments in Spain and abroad.

Standard Spanish pronunciation is used during the lessons. However, the teachers´ accent is representative of several Spanish regions. That way, learners can gain an insight into the different linguistic varieties of peninsular Spanish.

Within this team, there are teachers who have edited, evaluated, analysed and tested all resources which you will be taking advantage of from the moment you start your Spanish course Malaga at La Playa School.

Evaluation of our students

Skills 96%
Clear Explanations 87%
Friendly and Patient 85%
Motivating 96%
Creates a good language learning environment 89%

*These data were extracted from the surveys that our students do at the end of their Spanish course Malaga. 

Spanish School La Playa Team

Ángel Castillo
Ángel CastilloTeacher
It is very gratifying for me to see how the students progress and enjoy their idiomatic immersion here. I graduated in the Sciences of Education from the University of Malaga and have since then gained a lot of experience in teaching students in different countries with different nationalities.

I specialised in countries such as the UK, Germany, Spain and Latin America as a teacher of the E.L.E and L2. I have given classes in several official centres of education with students of all ages, levels and nationalities.

My experience as a teacher has encouraged me to give a communicative and interactive approach to my classes so that the students learn and enjoy our beautiful language and the Spanish and hispanic culture. All this is given harmoniously in the Spanish course Malaga at Escuela La Playa! I like to give classes especially when the weather is good, in our outside classrooms that are in the garden, next to the pool and in front of the sea.

Pedro Puertas
Pedro PuertasTeacher
One of the greatest sensations is realizing how my students are gradually able to understand and use resources which, at the beginning, seemed unreachable to them. After experiencing this for the first time, I understood that teaching is my vocation.

I am a psychotherapist, but as I consider myself an eternal student, I have a multidisciplinary education in different areas such as science, history and art. After gaining vast experience working in public and private companies, I decided dedicating myself to my passion: teaching and the diffusion of the Spanish language, culture and history. In order to do that, I have got various certificates in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

For me, giving a Spanish class is more than teaching students grammar, vocabulary and solving exercices. In the contrary, it is necessary to make a whole story out of a class and play it, as we used to do as children. We have to try to get back to this infant world where learning is a surprising discovery, an impressive trip and make the student being involved in a fascinating story which gets every day clearer and clearer.

At La Playa Escuela de Español I have finally found the perfect place to develop the nicest work on earth: being teacher.

Marta Delgado
Marta DelgadoTeacher
Those magic moments, when the students discover the chessboard, when they start to learn how to put the pieces in place, when all the pieces come together like a sidereal puzzle. Those moments made me start teaching, to love this profession. Those are the moments I seek in my lectures.
I graduated in journalism (2006), television communication (2005) and photographic journalism (2000) with several additional apprenticeships and trainings. I have worked several years in this sector because my passion is communicate messages in different ways. However, gradually life guided me to other paths and I just followed. In 2017 I turned up doing several trainings for Spanish teachers which made me discover that I had a big vocation which I didn’t know about before. A vocation which gave me the possibility to use in my Spanish classes all the knowledge and experience I have gained in my former profession. This is effective because in class it is also about the abilitity to communicate messages. Working in this area with innovative teaching methods at La Playa Escuela de Español makes me feel that I finally have found the right place for myself.
Guillermo Moratalla
Guillermo MoratallaTeacher
I finished my degree in translation in 2015 and it wasn´t until I did my internship in Escuela la Playa, when I discovered my passion for teaching.
After the experience in my practicum I decided to go abroad to Austria to teach Spanish in an Austrian high school. I came back to Spain, kept on working in Escuela la Playa and studied a masters degree on teaching in order to know more in depth my profession and my passion.

I love bringing innovative teaching methods to the Spanish classroom and developing an excellent teacher-student relationship.

Almudena Corral
Almudena CorralTeacher
I started to dedicate myself to education nearly without noticing that I need it just like breathing. Being with my students motivates and energizes me for the rest of the day!
I graduated in Journalism and Comparative Literature and received a Certificate of Pedagogic Aptitude and a certificate of Teacher Training for Spanish as a Foreign Language. It’s already been ten years that I’ve been dedicating myself to education and I can’t think of a nicer way to live and work. As being a teacher is my vocation, I’ve worked in Spain as well as in foreign countries like Italy, Mozambique and the Netherlands in schools, academies, institutes and universities. Even more, I’ve been creating didactic material (a bit of imagination can be another important opportunity for teaching) and I’ve collaborated in the creation and adaption of online learning platforms.

Learning a language is like being a child again, sharing a curiosity like sharing lullabies which unites the people no matter the age or cultures. It’s the wish to find a new soul to communicate and it’s possible to achieve all this and look at the beach at the same time!