Details about our Intensive Spanish Course Malaga

  • 20 Spanish lessons per week
  • Schedule: Monday-Friday, 10-11:50h, 12:10h-14h
  • Levels: all levels
  • Minutes per lesson: 55
  • Duration: 1 week – 104 weeks
  • Minimum age: 16
  • Starting date: every Monday (except bank holidays)
  • Maximum students per class: 8
Learning Spanish in Malaga Spain

If you want to improve quickly your Spanish skills, you should opt for the Intensive Spanish Course Malaga. Our Spanish Intensive Course in Malaga consists of four daily classes from 10-11:50h and 12:10-14:00h. The short break between the classes gives you the possibility to take a breath and practise in a conversation with your class mates the new obtained Spanish skills.

The Spanish Intensive Course Malaga is the best option if you only have one or few weeks to improve your Spanish and want to get out the most of your Spanish language trip. However, since the Intensive Course Malaga finishes at 14h, you still have enough time to enjoy the beach or the nearby towns. The Intensive Spanish Course combines grammar and conversation and gives you more chances to speak than during the Semi-Intensive Course. Especially if you are a beginner or have a A1/A2 level, it is important to steadily get to know new vocabulary and grammar. But learning a lot of theory is not worth it if you have no chance to practise it. For the first two lessons from Monday-Friday to have a different teacher than for the last two lessons. Having two different teachers gives you the possibility to experience two different teaching methods and keep being motivated.

Prices of our Intensive Spanish Course Malaga

1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks Extra week
190€ 380€ 540€ 680€ 170€

Plus 45€ registration fee including welcome bag and didactic material.

Starting dates of our Spanish Intensive Course Malaga

Every Monday of the year (except during bank holidays)

FAQ about our Spanish Intensive Course Malaga

My child is younger than 16 years and wants to have 4 lessons/day. Can she/he participate in the Spanish Intensive Course Malaga?

Our Intensive Course is adapted to the study rhythm of teens with a minimum age of 16 and adults. Since the groups include teens, adults and seniors, we do not accept younger participants since they have different learning requirements. We want all the participants to have similar study capacities, which is the reason why this course is not made for kids. However, we can form a special Intensive Course for younger participants if we have at least 2 participants younger than 16. If you have two kids of a similar age or level who want to form a group without adults, we will open a group for them.

What do I learn during the Intensive Spanish Course Malaga?

This depends on your Spanish level. However, we can tell you that during the course you will practise speaking, reading, listening and writing. We apply a communicative methodology in small groups, so you always have the possibility to ask and interact. We want you to speak and make you practise the theory with the teacher and the other participants of the course.

Should I take the Semi-Intensive or the Intensive Spanish Course Malaga?

If you want to improve your Spanish skills in a short time, we recommend you taking the Intensive Spanish course Malaga. While the Semi-Intensive Course includes 2 lessons per day, the Intensive Course includes 4, which gives you the opportunity to speak and practice more. If you only have 1 or 2 weeks to improve your Spanish, the Spanish Intensive Course in Malaga is definitely the best option. However, if you already have a high Spanish level and only want to keep discussing, talking and not forgetting what you have learnt, the Spanish Semi-Intensive Course might be an interesting option for you. Just contact us, tell us your case and we can assess your personal case.

How many weeks of Intensive Spanish Course Malaga do I have to take before getting to the next level?

This really depends on which level you have at the beginning and on your personal learning rhythm. Each person has a different way of learning, which makes it impossible to say exactly how much time you need.

On the other hand, if you start with A1 level you need less weeks to get to A2 than if you start the Spanish Intensive Course Malaga with B1 level and you want to get to B2. After the first course dates our teachers can tell you more about your personal level and progress.

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