In this blog post you will learn why skype Spanish lessons are a great way to learn Spanish online.

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Skype Spanish lessons are good idea if:

  • You have never studied Spanish before and want to find out if this is “your language” and if you want to continue studying it. Maybe you are conidering studying a new language, but you cannot really evaluate how much effort and time it takes. Instead of spending much more money on a flight trip to Spain, accommodation and a Spanish course in our language school in Malaga, it might be a wise idea to first make a rather small investion in skype lessons.
  • You have already studied Spanish before and since you have not enough time to come to Spain regularly in order to practise Spanish with native speakers, you are looking for a learning method which can be adapted to your schedule.
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Advantages of Skype Spanish lessons

In this description of our online Spanish classes you can read about the advantages of taking Spanish classes per skype. Anyhow, in this blog post we will try to compare Spanish skype classes to other types of online Spanish classes.

There are various ways to study Spanish on the web on your own. Whether you take an online course with tutorials or you do excercices online: the negative aspect about these online learning possibilities is that you are lacking a tutor who actually talks and explains the content to you.  Doing auto-refillable online exercices on your own is a good way to keep practisig and correcting yourself at home if you are not assisting any Spanish course. However, learning a language is about speaking, so that’s why it is helpful to have a Spanish teacher at your side. That’s when the online Spanish classes start to make sense. Your teacher will prepare the class as if it was a “regular” one with excercices and topics to talk about. If you have any doubts concerning the Spanish skype class, the teacher is always available to answer them.

With a stable internet connection it feels as if your Spanish teacher was sitting at your side. This personalised help makes you feel much more confident about your Spanish level and will help you more than standardised grammar explanations on the web. You are looking for more interactive skype Spanish classes? The Spanish skype classes can also be held with two students and one teacher. Like this, you will not only interact with your teacher, but also with your friend/family member/partner…

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Skype Spanish lessons give you the possibility to learn the language wherever you are: at home, at a café or another public space. If you are short on time and prefer only to talk, you we can also arrange skype Spanish classes without video.