Details about our Private Spanish Lessons Malaga

  • Classes per week: flexible
  • Schedule: flexible (morning or afternoon)
  • Levels: all levels
  • Minutes per lesson: 55
  • Duration: flexible
  • No minimum age
  • Starting date: every week
  • Private lessons with 1 or 2 students per teacher
Spanish private lessons Malaga

Spanish private lessons in Rincón de la Victoria, Málaga, are the best option for you if you want to be flexible with your learning schedule. Whereas other group courses such as the semi-intensive or intensive course take place every day in the morning, the private Spanish lessons Malaga can be fully adapted to your time and schedule. If you prefer having classes in the afternoon, our Spanish private lessons give you the possibility to do so.

Even more, you can, but do not have to follow a regular learning rhythm. In one week, you only want to take one private class, and the following week you prefer having one class per day? No problem – you decide, when and how often the classes take place.

Prices of our Private Spanish Lessons Malaga

1 class 5 classes 10 classes 20 classes
1 student 40€ 175€ 320€ 600€
2 students 50€ 230€ 400€ 750€

Starting dates of our Private Spanish lessons Malaga

Every week (except during bank holidays)

Online private lessons

Online private lessons

FAQ about our Private Spanish lessons Malaga

How many Private Spanish lessons do I have to take per week?

In comparison to other schools, there is no minimum number of lessons per week. You can take the private Spanish lessons whenever and as often as you want to. However, if you buy a pack of 5, 10 or 15 lessons you have to take all the classes until 6 months after the first class.

Should I take a group course or Spanish private lessons?

This depends on your personal case. If your time schedules frequently changes or you already know that some days per week you won't have time to assist the group course in the morning, the private Spanish lessons Malaga give you more flexibility without missing any class. If you want to learn specific Spanish, e.g. specialised in a certain topic, you should opt for private lessons.

However, the Spanish private lessons are only for 1 or 2 students (if you want to take lessons together with a friend/partner/family member etc.). Like this, you don't have the possibility to discuss in groups or interact with other participants. If you prefer talking to other students and reacting to different opinions, you should take a Spanish group course. Of course, you can also combine a group course with Spanish private lessons in Malaga.

Why should I take Spanish private lessons?

We list you all the advantages:
-Flexibility. You are not dependent on the schedule of the goup classes in the morning. You decide, when and how long you want to have class.
-Tailor-made content: The teacher adapts content and grammar fully to your needs. This is helpful if you want to learn specific Spanish, e.g. business Spanish or Spanish related to a specific area such as gastronomy, tourism etc, or if you want to prepare for an official Spanish exam.
-Didactic resources adpated to your needs.
-Progress: Since you can practise and talk more than in a group, your Spanish improves quicklier.

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Please take in mind that in high season (1st of June – 31st of August), a supplement of 10€ per person and night, which isn’t included in the calculation above, is due for all the accommodation options.

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