Don’t worry- we assure you that if you have booked a semi-intensive or intensive course, you definitely can start your classes on every Monday.
However, please take in mind the following;

  • You have booked a residential course: As the residential course isn’t an independent course, i.e. the participants of this course will be in the same course as students of the semi-intensive or intensive course with the same level, it will not be possible for us to offer this course.
  • You have booked a semi-intensive course: Nothing changes; you will have two lessons per day.
  • You have booked an intensive course:
    -if in 2 hours of your course there are at least 2 students in your group (students who have booked a residential or semi-intensive course), but in the next 2 hours you are the only student, you will have 2 group lessons and 1 private lesson as long as this situation exists.
    -if you are the only student of your level, you will have 2 private lessons as long as this situation exists.Even in these two scenarios, you will be advantaged because as it’s only you and your teacher in the private lessons, your Spanish skills will improve quickly- and it’s cheaper as if you’d pay for private lessons.

To book a course you have to pay 25% of the total amount of your invoice in advance via Bank Transfer or through PayPal. The rest of the payment is done before, or on the first day of the course (with credit card, cash, bank transfer or PayPal)

Yes, the study material is included in the price of the inscription fee.

It is possible to change the course under special circumstances. No refunds will be made after the beginning of the course (you can check our refund policy in the Terms and Conditions section on our website). In case you want to change the accommodation, the school will check the reasons, and try to help you solve the problem, and change the accommodation if there is another available with an additional fee. (You can check the Terms and Conditions section on our website).

  • A) A week before your course starts, you will be given the address and the instructions on how to get to the apartment or school. The school is open Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 14:00 and Monday to Thursday from 16:00 to 20:00. If you arrive within this time range, someone from the school will accompany you to the apartment. In case you arrive on a Saturday or Sunday, you have to inform the school in advance on the time of your arrival to Málaga. Once you are in Málaga you should contact the mobile number provided in advance and inform the person in charge of your exact arrival to the school.


  • B) In case you booked a transfer with the school, you will have to inform the school of the flight details, and the driver will notify us of the exact time of your arrival.

As acknowledgement of your completion of the course, yes, you will be given a certificate stating what level you have undertaken classes for, the contents of the course and your result in the final test. In order to receive the certificate, it is necessary to have attended at least 75% of the classes and to have passed the final test with 60%. The certificate also states the following elements which are evaluated during the course and in the final test: assistance and participation, work and progress, written test (reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammatical structures) and oral test (oral expression, listening comprehension, oral interaction).

We aim to keep our classes to a minimum number and therefore, there will never be more than 8 people per class. However, in the low season, you can expect fewer, increasing the attention and personification in the class allowing you to take advantage of the teacher, in order to help your level increase rapidly.

There are some activities that free of charge, and others that have an extra cost like outings to Granada, Ronda etc.

You can contact the school administration in school working hours. (Monday to Friday from 10:00 – 14:00, and Monday to Thursday from 16:00 – 20:00) For emergencies outside this these hours (weekends) you will be given a mobile number to contact.

You can start your course whenever you arrive, it does not have to be Monday. However, this is when the course normally begins so you may miss out by not arriving at the start of the course. The price of the course is from Monday to Friday.

There is no specific deadline; however we do advise our students to book as soon as possible in order to assure the availability for the right course/accommodation.

You do not need to book accommodation with us; you can just book a language course. You can choose your own accommodation. We can also advise you of places if you need help.

If there is a public holiday, the school will be closed and there will be no classes.

We can inform you of any public holidays for the period that you plan to come.