Spanish School Malaga

Learn Spanish in small groups in our Spanish school Malaga!

We offer reduced groups with no more than eight students per class, so that our teachers are able to support everyone individually and pay special attention to every detail. As we are aware that getting the best value for money and making the most of your time is a priority, La Playa Spanish School Malaga aims to keep the number of students per class to a minimum, even during busy summer periods. Minimizing the size of a class is one of our golden rules to make sure you get the personalised experience that enhances learning.

The language level of the different groups is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and the levels in the syllabus of the Cervantes Institute.

Experienced teachers!

The methodology is focused on a communicative system to boost your learning experience. Every teacher in our Spanish School Malaga is trained to address your own individual needs and encourage you to become involved in real situations from the very start of your course. This ensures you are adequately prepared to put into practice your new skills.

We know how important your Spanish skills may be for your future prospects. For that reason, every single session has been carefully crafted to cover your expectations and preferences, including all kinds of real life situations you may find on a daily basis. All sessions are organized and adjusted offering a holistic face-to-face learning and enjoyable experience.

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Your opinion counts! That’s why your comments and answers in the questionnaire which you get at the end of the course are really important to us. You help us to improve our services and to create the best learning atmosphere for you.

The following table gives you a general impression of the different levels and progression of the courses. However, the actual progression and pace of learning depends on the individual student. The teachers of our Spanish school Malaga always give their best to adapt the learning rhythm and the content to the needs of the group and the students.

A1.1 – Beginner402
A1.2 – Beginner402
A2.1 – Elementary804
A2.2 – Elementary804
B1.1 – Intermediate1608
B1.2 – Intermediate1608
B2.1 – Upper Intermediate24012
B2.2 – Upper Intermediate24012
C1.1 – Superior24012
C1.2 – Superior24012