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Marta and Anna (17) from Italy: on a Study trip at Escuela La Playa

Marta's favourite language is Spanish because of the pronunciation, the culture and traditions. They both study languages in their school in Italy and have English lessons since they were 5 years old but are now on their way to becoming fluent in Spanish. Today they will let us know more about their experiences at Escuela [...]

Ways to step out of your comfort zone while traveling

Usually, we learn lessons in life by taking risks and stepping out of our comfort zones. It takes a lot of guts to decide to travel somewhere where it is unfamiliar to you. Therefore, we have put together the most important ways to step out of your comfort zone in order to help you make [...]

Skype Spanish lessons

In this blog post you will learn why skype Spanish lessons are a great way to learn Spanish online. More information about our skype online classes! Skype Spanish lessons are good idea if: You have never studied Spanish before and want to find out if this is "your language" and if you [...]

Spanish courses in Malaga for adults

Our Spanish courses are, apart from the International Summer Camp, addressed to adults and teens older than 16. We know that adults participating in Spanish courses in Malaga for adults often have different learning capacities than young participants. The main reason might be that the high school/university time of adults has been quite long time [...]

5 reasons why it is better to learn Spanish in Rincón de la Victoria than in Malaga center

If you are planning to learn Spanish in or near Malaga capital, you have the option to learn Spanish in Malaga city center, El Palo or La Cala del Moral and Rincón de la Victoria. You are still not sure where to learn Spanish? Let us tell you why La Cala del Moral and Rincón [...]

We are CCSE examination center!

Are you planning to get the Spanish citizenship? Starting from January 2019 Escuela La Playa helps you to do so! Next year, Escuela La Playa offers every month the possibility to do the CCSE exam accredited by Instituto Cervantes just here in our school in La Cala del Moral, Malaga. "CCSE" stands for "conocimientos constitucionales [...]

That was our Spanish language Camp Malaga, Spain, 2018

The most intense summer months July and August are over and very gradually, normality is getting back to Escuela La Playa. As always, we had a very successful and joyful summer with a lot of kids and teenagers from the whole world. In fact, in our Spanish language camp Malaga we had participants of 20 [...]

Learn Spanish online

Nowadays there are many ways to start learning Spanish language and online tutoring is one of them. Thanks to modern technologies we are able to get new knowledge without going out. Online tutoring gives us an opportunity to study using only a computer and having access to the [...]

Teacher training dates 2018

The team of Escuela La Playa hopes that you have had some relaxing bank holidays and wishes you a wonderful year 2018! New year, new opportunities. If you are planning to do a Spanish course or to improve your teaching skills, we herewith present you some important dates for you. Like this, you can plan [...]

Malaga Summer Camp 2018 dates published – next summer comes for sure!

Winter is approaching… but next summer will come for sure! In these weeks in Malaga you still have nice temperatures of about 15-22 degrees, while in Northern countries the presence of the winter is definitely more obvious. We know that you might start thinking about Christmas presents and where you want to spend New Year’s [...]