Your good learning intentions of 2020 that you can achieve!

New year has just arrived and it will be time for some good intentions of 2020! The most common ones will be to be fit and train your body. This year it will be the time to Train your brain!

Let’s start off with some good intentions:

  1. In 2020 I will start my Spanish course, no more excuses.

It is never too late to learn, when you become older you have better time management skills and you know better what you want. If you decide to learn the Spanish language at a respectable age you are setting goals for yourself, you have far more discipline than when you were a teenager. If you will be really eager to learn something new, you can do it!

  1. I will make time to learn a language 

We understand that your time is valuable, but let’s talk about the real facts. By saying we do not have time we escape from certain challenges that we actually want to take. If you really be determined to reach that goal of learning the Spanish language you will understand it and TAKE the time. What if you would skip Netflix, YouTube, social media and just take that hour a day to fully focus you on your learning progress? It’s your time and you decide where you want to invest it in. Invest the time in yourself!

  1. I will be the best at learning languages!

On the day you were born you were not able to walk or talk. Look at you now! Time will teach you the learning abilities! In school you might have had classes of a language which you never use anymore. But let’s be honest, were you always fully focused and did you understand the doors that could open to you when you spoke that language fluent at that moment? Today is the day to start.

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So, what are you waiting for? What good intention will you make today?