So, English teenagers rank lowest when it comes to studying a second-language. Is that really a surprise though considering how widely spoken English is? There are many reasons why people want to learn a foreign language, whether you start to learn in school or once you’re an adult.

First and foremost, you want to learn a language so you can communicate to someone who also speaks that language. Whether you are preparing yourself for when you want to speak to someone, or you already know somebody and you want to show off what you have learnt. If you want to speak to them, but can’t, how can you form a relationship with them? Studies have proven that by having someone as a reason to learn a language, it speeds up learning. Being able to physically put into practice what you have learnt is the best way to keep progressing.

Secondly, some people learn a language because they have an end goal. In this sense, learning a language is part of the process to achieve this end goal. This is also usually motivated by a career choice. Purely for academic purposes, there must still be a sense of curiosity and enjoyment involved otherwise the desire to keep on with the end goal wouldn’t be so influential.

Either way, the great news is that you have chosen to take a Spanish course with us, and whatever your reason, the motivation to learn is enough and we can’t wait for you to join us!