This is a huge achievement and not something that happens over night. You should be extremely proud of yourself and all the hard work that you have put into your passion for learning Spanish. Your C1/2 level is well deserved.
At this level, you are more than able to have a decent conversation with someone (probably with our teachers in class), you can express your opinion, you can argue, you can joke, you can prove just how much you know. You feel less frustrated now and you know you can speak with ease, finally, you can relax.
Your level allows you to fit in with the locals and people are beginning to forget that you are not actually Spanish. You can sit in a bar with your Spanish friends, drinking a caña and engaging in an intellectual conversation about current news events. You understand the opinions your friends are expressing and you can match them with your own. You fit in with the crowd and you can hold your own. This is the moment you could only dream about when you first began to learn Spanish, now the moment is here. You´ve made it. Your dreams have become a reality. Good job! We are super proud of you!