I am Clemence and I am 17 years old. I am from Switzerland and I will be staying in Spain for two months to learn Spanish. In Switzerland, I still am in high school; I need to finish 2 more years and then I would like to study medicines.


Learning Spanish

I am learning Spanish because I am aware of the fact that Spanish is such an important language in the world, it is spoken by so many people.  I already speak French, and I learned English and German at school, so I thought it would be good to learn something else, something new.


Language school

To find myself a good language school, I started with searching on the internet to some websites who offer Spanish courses. When I came across La Playa Escuela de Español, it seemed very good to me. I also liked the fact that it is not located in a very big city, but just nearby one. And of course, the sea right in front of the school, which was a big plus to me! It just seemed like a high quality school, so I thought why not?



When I came here, 1.5 weeks ago, the only words I could say in Spanish were ¨hola¨, ¨sí and ¨no¨ and that was basically it. Now it is a lot(!) better, I have learned so much in very little time. I was lucky that I was able to learn the Spanish grammar very fast, since it is very similar to the French grammar. The most difficult thing for me is the Spanish pronunciation, because that really differs from French. To learn the vocabulary is complicated, but I learn a little bit more every day because of the great teachers. I think their communicative teaching method works really well, and they are just so nice.



I have been here for less than two weeks, and I already feel like I know everyone. I can greet all the teachers and employees, they know me and I know them, it is definitely a family-like environment. This is what I really needed, since I came here by myself, without my family or any friends. I really appreciate to be here and to feel like the employees will always help my with anything I ask.


Intensive course

The intensive course I chose is perfect for me, because I have a mixed schedule. I have some group lessons, where I learn theory and I hear a lot of new words from the teachers and other students. Next to this, I have private lessons as well, where I talk a lot with my teacher. I feel like speaking and practicing what you have learned is so important to your progress. The combination of group classes and private classes is perfect for me.


Host family

For my two-month stay I chose to live with a Spanish host family; a mother and a daughter, and they are very nice to me. The daughter is 16, just a little bit younger than me. I always eat with them; I booked the full pension, so we share breakfast, lunch and dinner. They live very close to the school, which is very convenient because I do not have to take the bus and I can just walk every morning.



I love the location, I can do two steps from the school and I am already on the beach, it is absolutely perfect. The school is not that far to Málaga centre, which is also great. What I love about La Playa Escuela de Español next to the courses, is the bar in the garden of the school; you can just come any time and have a coffee and a talk with the other students and employees. I think it´s really nice that they offer something like that.

I would recommend to anyone; do not look any further and come to La Playa Escuela de Español to learn Spanish with the nicest people!