Learning a new language is not just about being able to speak to someone from another country. It is so much more than that. A language teaches you many more things other than a how to ask where the toilets are. Doing a Spanish course in Malaga is very different to studying maths or history for example.

You need to understand many other skills as there are many other factors to languages rather than learning how to work out a sum or understanding why Hitler caused a World War. You have to learn vocabulary, you have to understand when to use the right tense. And you also have to understand and interact in a conversation.
It is said that people who speak more than one language, find it difficult to express themselves equally in each language. Therefore, they adapt their personality to each language. This has some sense. You can obviously express yourself how you wish to in your native language. However, in the language that you are learning, it may be slightly more difficult.

This is where we will come in and help you to become just as comfortable in Spanish as your native tongue. An interesting thought though, maybe we can discuss this in our classes! ☺