Time passes quickly… We’re already in May which means that the International Summer Camp will already start next month. Our Summer Camp in the south of Spain has gained every year more and more popularity in La Cala del Moral and the surrounding villages.


Well, we can tell you:

  1. As it is an international programme, we have participants of different countries. In 2016, there were kids and teens of nearly 10 different countries!
  2. We have got the best location of all the schools nearby. Your kids will play in our garden and on the beach which is just nearby. No traffic, no cars, no need to cross any busy street. After all, the summer time is about enjoying nice weather and the beach. No problem with us!
  3. The participantes get to know other kids and teenagers of their age, since the students will be divided in three groups depending on their age.
  4. In summer, nobody wants to sit five hours in a classroom, doing exercises and reading in books. That’s why we combine language classes with fun activities in our garden and on the beach.
  5. The Camp starts on 26th of June and ends on 4th of August. However, you can choose how many weeks your kids stays. Just start in any week and stay as long as you want.

You want to know more about it?
Great! Either check our website or our flyer with all the relevant information.

Download the flyer!