If you are planning to learn Spanish in or near Malaga capital, you have the option to learn Spanish in Malaga city center, El Palo or La Cala del Moral and Rincón de la Victoria.

You are still not sure where to learn Spanish? Let us tell you why La Cala del Moral and Rincón de la Victoria are great places to learn Spanish and why you should study Spanish here.

  1. Malaga city center is beautiful, but honestly, there are much more foreign tourists than here. As a result, you can find more signs in Malaga center written in English and waiter and service talking to you in English. This might result helpful to you because you can easily communicate, but it definitely doesn’t help you learning Spanish. If you learn Spanish in Rincón de la Victoria, your Spanish will improve faster because you have to use it in your free-time as well.Some tourists complain about the fact that here in La Cala and Rincón not even the staff in the tourist information speak English and neither many waiters. Indeed, that is not very tourist-friendly. However, it is very Spanish-learner-friendly.
  2. Point one is closely connect to this one. Many Spanish tourists come to Rincón, because in comparison to other places like Torremolinos it has still kept its typical character without mass tourism. We guarantee that you do not find any sangria in a bucket here. When you come to Andalusia, you also want to get to know the local culture, food and eating habits, what you can perfectly do here.
  3. Space in bigger towns is limited, which means that most other Spanish schools in Malaga or El Palo don’t have such a big garden and green areas as we have. Wind, sun and nature helps you to calm down after a Spanish class and refresh your mind. We believe that car traffic, noise and walls all around you impeach you from relaxing from your Spanish course. After all the new input it is necessary to take a breath, which you can perfectly do here in Rincón de la Victoria. Either sit in our school garden or walk out to the beach: You will be able to relax for sure.
  4. If you like beaches which even in high season aren’t to crowded, you should learn Spanish in Rincón de la Victoria. While in July and August at Malaga beach and El Palo beach you might have to put your towel in the third or fourth row, here you have great possibilites to look directly at the sea. Plus, in local restaurants and cafeterías in La Cala del Moral and Rincón de la Victoria you can drink a beer or a café directly at the sea promenade for less than 1,50€. Find a place in Malaga town where you can have this…
  5. In summer it might get uncomfortably hot in Malaga center. The heat gets stuck in the narrow streets and gets even more because of people and traffic. Here at the seaside there is always a nice, fresh air which helps you to not get overheated.

These are just four very god reasons to study Spanish in Rincón de la Victoria. If you need any more, just come here and you can convice yourself personally.

By the way, don’t be surprised if a Spaniard tells you that he is in Malaga and later on it turns out that he is is Antequera, which is about 50mins away from Malaga city center. This is because here in Spain many provinces have the same name as the capital of the respective province, which might result a bit confusing to foreigners. That’s why we could say that we are located in Malaga (province), even though we are not directly in Malaga town. Similar with La Cala del Moral and Rincón de la Victoria: La Cala is part of the municipality of Rincón de la Victoria, which means that our language school is located in Rincón de la Victoria (municipality).

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