Are you planning to get the Spanish citizenship? Starting from January 2019 Escuela La Playa helps you to do so! Next year, Escuela La Playa offers every month the possibility to do the CCSE exam accredited by Instituto Cervantes just here in our school in La Cala del Moral, Malaga. “CCSE” stands for “conocimientos constitucionales y socioculturales de España” and evaluates the constitutional and sociocultural knowledge of Spain.

The CCSE exam in Rincón de la Victoria, Malaga, is offered by Escuela La Playa last Thursday on every month 2019. On the following page of Instituto Cervantes you can see exact dates and prices. You can also do the online inscription directly on their page. If you have any questions concerning the CCSE Malaga exam, the team of our language school is always open for questions.

Are you asking yourself when you need the CCSE exam?

It is necessary to do this exam if you want to apply for Spanish nationalisation. You can get the Spanish citizenship by residence in the following cases:

  • 10 years of legal residence
  • 5 years of legal residence for people with refugee status
  • 2 years of legal residence for citizens of Latin American origin (within others)
  • 1 year of legal residence if you have been born in Spain or are for at least 1 year married to a Spaniard

Learn here more about how the exam looks like. Take in mind that in order to get the Spanish citizenship, for people who don’t speak Spanish as their native language have to do the DELE test achieving at least Spanish level A2. Without having done the DELE test, the Spanish institutions can’t take your CCSE results into account.

In our Spanish classes we can prepare you specifically for the CCSE exam Malaga. Opt for private lessons or exam preparation courses in order to receive specific preparation. If you want to prepare first for the DELE exam, we also recommend participaing in our exam preparation course or private lessons.