Everybody learns differently, we do not all learn in the same way. We understand this, therefore, why would we teach everyone in the same way in our Spanish lessons in Malaga? We want you to learn in the best way possible for you. That`s why we personalise our classes to fit your needs.

There are 3 types of learners:

An auditory learner prefers to learn by listening and can consequently remember what they have heard. A visual learner prefers to learn by seeing, which repeats what they see. Finally, a kinaesthetic learner prefers to learn by doing and acting out what they are learning. If there were a student of each method of learning in a class, it wouldn’t be fair to focus on only one method. This would single out the other students who prefer other methods. This isn’t how you teach a class.

However, luckily for you, we know how to teach. Our Spanish teachers have lots of experience teaching a variety of students in many different ways. We adapt our Spanish lessons in Malaga, Spain, to your method of learning by using our up-to-date didactic resources that allow us to explore the realms and processes of learning. We have our own virtual classroom allowing our students to continue their interactive learning outside of the classroom. It is super important for us that we give our students as much support and aid as possible in order to consolidate their learning. Your learning is a team effort and we know we will succeed!