Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world, after mandarin Chinese and English. With over 410 million native speakers worldwide and having the most learners of Spanish as a second language in the world, this makes for a good case to join in and learn it too.

In Europe, Spanish is the native language of 8% of the continent. Adding to this, Spanish is the national language of 19 countries in the Americas. So wherever you go in the world, there is a chance you will come across someone who speaks Spanish, whether they are a native or a learner. By learning Spanish with us at the Escuela, you will join this huge community of Spanish speakers and be able to communicate successfully with them.

For many Europeans, Spain is a popular holiday destination (especially here with us in La Cala), therefore, having the ability to communicate with a native is not only fairly helpful, but also quite vital. Going to a country is much easier if you are prepared to speak the language. Therefore, through our communicative classes, own didactic resources and the personal experience you have shared with us, you could not be more ready to put your Spanish skills into practice.

Furthermore, as a student of Spanish, you know how fulfilling and rewarding it is when you have a conversation with a native and you can understand each other; a feeling which you have worked so hard to achieve. In some cases, speaking Spanish in your classes and in real life is different. However, here at the Escuela, this transition is something we work hard to soften as to make sure you feel fully capable to utilize what you have learnt with us.

Our students love learning Spanish and we know you will too, here at the Escuela.