Nowadays there are many ways to start learning Spanish language and online tutoring is one of them. Thanks to modern technologies we are able to get new knowledge without going out. Online tutoring gives us an opportunity to study using only a computer and having access to the internet. Although online tutoring has been around for a while, many students (and their parents) haven’t yet caught on to the possibility of meeting with a tutor virtually, let alone come to recognize its benefits. Some of the advantages of online Spanish classes are time saving, convenience, accessibility and availability.

Advantages of learning Spanish online

The main difference between “classical” (or in-person) and online tutoring is the place where you get knowledge. However, many of us are used to traditional classrooms where you don’t always get the attention and help you need. That is why we don’t consider online learning very often. Yet studying from home gives us a great opportunity to learn directly from native speakers who are professional and specialized in the subject you are looking help with. Another advantage of online Spanish classes is accessibility and availability when it comes to the place and hour of the lesson. Nowadays it is so easy to connect to the Wi-Fi, so you can have a lesson even in cafeteria or during a break at work. Probably you can notice that online learning also saves time during the day and affordable prices make this offer even more attractive.

Applications for online learning

There are some platforms for online learning. The most popular way to take online classes is Skype. With a set of headphones and speakers you can get in touch with your tutor in a few seconds. Another similar tool is Google Hangouts, if you have a Google Plus account, but don’t confuse it with Google Hangouts on Air. With this application you can even record the hangout! Zoom application is great for group lessons as connection is much better comparing to Skype and Google Hangouts. Here you can share screenshots and a tutor has an option to kick people out of the meeting what is great for lessons with children.

Other ways to learn Spanish online

However there are also video-tutorials on canals on YouTube which you can use for learning Spanish online.  This is probably the cheapest way to study Spanish language but it has some disadvantages too, like lack of additional information and possibility to ask questions, or opportunity to practice speaking skills.

To sum up, these days the possibility to learn doesn’t confine itself only to language schools and ordinary classrooms. There is a chance to study online with tools like Skype and online lessons or just by watching video-tutorials and making notes. Everyone is free to choose the best way to learn Spanish and thanks to the access to the Internet it is easier to make the first step towards new knowledge.