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Hello! Welcome to Escuela La Playa. We offer several Spanish language courses for learning a new language. These courses are meant for kids, adolescents and adults. La Playa Escuela de Español is located in La Cala del Moral. La Cala del Moral is a coastal town close to Malaga. It is the gateway to the Eastern Costa del Sol. In other words, it includes beaches, mountains, white villages and natural parks. The Spanish lessons are of high quality. This is due to the accreditation by Instituto Cervantes. In addition, Escuela La Playa received the Commitment to Tourism Quality of the Spanish Government. As a result, the quality of the facilities and services of our school are high.

Are you eager to learning a new language or culture? Do you want to improve your current level? Do you want to experience a great journey? This is all possible at Escuela La Playa. Check this out for more information about how learning a new language helps you with your native language!

Marta and Anna (17) from Italy: on a Study trip at Escuela La Playa

Marta's favourite language is Spanish because of the pronunciation, the culture and traditions. They both study languages in their school in Italy and have English lessons since they were 5 years old but are now on their way to becoming fluent in Spanish. Today they will let us know more about their experiences at Escuela [...]

How learning a language helps with your native language

When you learn a language, you learn new words, new phrases, new everything. By learning a language, it changes the way your brain works but this is obviously for the better. There are many benefits to learning a language, for example, you change how you give meanings to words and phrases, as you know different [...]

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