When you learn a language, you learn new words, new phrases, new everything. By learning a language, it changes the way your brain works but this is obviously for the better. There are many benefits to learning a language, for example, you change how you give meanings to words and phrases, as you know different ways of giving meaning to things in each of the languages that you speak.

This is why those who speak more than one language, who are constantly switching between languages, find it easier to multitask. This is because they are concentrating on being able to communicate in 2 different ways and adapting to who they are speaking to. Being able to quickly and easily switch between language structures makes it easier for you to switch between tasks and ‘juggle’ your work.

Multilingual people are constantly using their brain when memorising new vocabulary or structures. Therefore, they are constantly exercising and strengthening their mental ‘muscle’. This improves overall memory skills.

But more importantly, learning a language helps you to understand the mechanics of the structure of a language: grammar, verb conjugations and sentence structure. You become more aware of language in general; synonyms, how you structure your sentences, different ways of saying things. All of this makes you a better communicator in your own language.

By learning a language with us you can become a better all round person. We are sure you’re great, but becoming the best can’t hurt.