With only five years of existence, La Playa Escuela de Español has obtained accreditation from Instituto Cervantes for the Spanish courses that we organize during the whole year.

From 1 July 2016 the Spanish courses offered by La Playa Escuela de Español and the certificates of assistance and progress that we issue have the guarantee of quality from the organization of greater significance in the world of Spanish teaching, Instituto Cervantes.

The process of evaluation conducted by Instituto Cervantes to be able to accredit a center consists of analysis of the academic organization (curriculum plan, analysis of own didactic materials, class methodology, evaluation), administrative organization (customer service, internal action protocol), marketing and external service as intermediation with the accommodation spots and scheduling of the extra activities.

This is a very comprehensive and demanding analysis that improved not only the services provided for the Spanish students, but also the internal work procedure. It helped the management team and the teachers think about the strong points and points they need to improve.  The activation of the critical thinking of our work helped us improve in many aspects which are important for us to be able to offer the best services to the student.

The whole administrative team and the teachers worked very hard and with a lot of hope to be able to obtain the stamp that recognizes the excellence in teaching, and guarantees the commitment to quality during the whole process of deciding to come to Malaga to enroll at the Spanish course with us.