Spanish lessons Malaga

Why does La Playa School create its own didactic resources for their Spanish lessons Malaga?

Throughout years of experience in teaching and publishing didactic resources for Spanish as a Foreign Language, we guarantee that there is not a single teaching method that works magically.

We know that the approach should be different for each learner, that is why in this School we strongly pursue a blended learning path where resources are mixed for your interests. And that is what we really do and work toward, a blending of resources and styles adjusted to your own learning needs. Because every person is different, the approach must be also be varied to suit everyone.

Worksheets will be handed to you weekly in line with your chosen course. The objective of these is to act as self-assessment, so that you can check your progress gradually. Each is focused on different linguistic aspects of the Spanish language: vocabulary, grammar, phonetics and structural comprehension.

A wide range of digital resources are available in all the Spanish lessons Malaga: Interactive whiteboards, laptops, projectors, softwares (Powerpoint, CD-Rom, Audio CD, DVD…) The interaction of technology with other functional methods will help you to enhance your progress more quickly. A wide range of these resources are availbale for you to take home and practice, so feel free to bring your pen drive