Escuela La Playa offers something different to other standard language schools; we are located right by the beach. This means that you can look out of our garden and straight at the beautiful beach of La Cala. It also means that if you are lucky enough to enjoy a class outside, there is the soothing sound of the waves in the background to accompany your learning.

Creating a comfortable, friendly and enthusiastic environment at the Escuela is something of great importance to us. We know how influential the atmosphere is for students whilst they are learning. Not only is the atmosphere fundamental, but obviously also the resources that we use.

We understand how each student is different and consequently, each student learns in a different way. Our variety of resources allows us to personalize our classes to each student. This way we ensure the maximum level of learning, whether this is with practical work such as grammar exercises, discussions, virtual learning or even a mixture of everything.

For us, communication and application of the language is very important so we emphasize this in our classes through our use of the various resources we have available to us. We understand that the principal reason for learning a language is to be able to use it to communicate in the real world. Therefore, our teachers utilize this to ensure you progress and feel confident enough to engage in conversation. Combining the calm, tranquil atmosphere of the beach with the diverse resources we have, it is fair to say that the Escuela can offer everything you need in order to perfect your learning and consolidate your Spanish.