All we know how important it is to speak a second language but what age is the best to start? Popular opinion of the society holds that kids find it easier than adults. It happens because childhood is a “critical period” for language learning. Moreover, the late research by Nienke Meulman proves that there is a strict coherence between the age and an ability to assimilate information quickly. It has resulted that our capacity to learn a language diminishes gradually over our lives. However, sometimes it is even harder to choose the second language… So let me help you: Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world after English. It is not surprising at all: Spanish is so beautiful and the number of countries with official Spanish is big. Moreover, there are many different ways to learn Spanish for kids and teenagers.

Our recommendation to learn Spanish for kids

The reason for early-age abilities for second language acquisition is that the habits of pronunciation and grammar of their first language are less deeply ingrained and thus easier to overcome. However, there are many different resources to learn Spanish for kids and teenagers at home and many language schools with professional tutors to help you with foreign language acquisition. But it is both easier and more important for children to quickly become good in a second language if they hear it spoken around them. For example, summer camp for kids and teenagers is a great choice for both unforgettable vacations and studying because children do not only learn Spanish language but also have a possibility to socialize with other students and participate in different activities by the sea shore. Great plan for summer, isn´t it?

Learn Spanish for kids with our online lessons

However, if you´d like your child to learn Spanish at home, then online Spanish lessons might be the best solution.  It just saves a lot of time. Another advantage of it is the convenience and flexibility when it comes to an hour of the lesson with native speaker because nowadays kids and teenagers have a lot of extra activities after school. Moreover, studying at home gives a child a more comfortable learning environment that doesn’t create additional stress situation. And parents can help here as well by learning Spanish together with their kids!

To sum up, nowadays there are many ways to get started with a new language like going to a language school, classes with native speakers, online tutoring, or language summer camps for kids. People are free to choose the best option for their families. This freedom allows you to develop and practice language skills and the sooner you start the better.