So September has arrived, which means for many people summer is over, not only here in Spain but all over Europe. The holidays have ended and school is nearly here creating euphoria for parents and a feeling of doom for the kids.

However, Malaga is still the same enticing, beautiful city as before; nothing has changed. If anything, it is better in autumn. The same climate as summer is still immersing Andalusia in warm, sunny days and fresh, clear nights, perfect for days at the beach and late nights eating tapas.

Malaga and its surrounding towns allow you to explore at your own leisure with so much to offer. There are so many hidden treasures waiting for you to discover that autumn is the perfect season to visit.

There are fewer tourists now that Feria has ended but still the lively locals add some excitement and energy to the city. It is fair to say that Feria took over the city of Malaga for a week, successfully bringing in plenty of revenue, tourists and excitement. In fact it was so successful that it boosted the economy with nearly 50 million Euros. Consequently, this money goes towards the development of the city and future planning for next year´s Feria. Nevertheless, just because Feria has ended doesn´t mean Malaga can´t keep you entertained.

Here at Escuela La Playa we have an abundance of opportunities for you to experience something more than another holiday; come and learn a language with us. Make autumn the perfect season to kick start your passion for languages. It may be the end of summer, but learning never ends