Group Spanish Classes are the most popular option in order to learn Spanish. This is because speaking a language means practising with different people and adapting to the person you are talking to.

Our Group Spanish Classes in Rincón de la Victorica, Malaga, consists of max. 8 participants per group. This limited number gives you the possibility to ask the teacher everything you want and to be in contact with other participants. Especially learners with a low Spanish level don’t dare to talk since they don’t feel confident with their Spanish skills. In our Group Spanish Classes in Malaga we make you feel confident, so that you try to speak. It is not most important making no errors while speaking, it is most important to try to speak! Learning in a group gives you new input from other participants you might not have thought about. This is because the participants come from different countries, have made different experiences and are in a different moment of life. Reacting to opinions you didn’t consider before prepares you very well for a conversation outside the class, where you also have to react sponteaneously.

In comparison to private lessons you are not only interacting with one person, the teacher, but with more students at one time, which is more what everyday life is like. In small groups and an interactive atmosphere, you will be involved in role plays and group exercices in order to practise as much as possible.

We offer different types of group courses in Rincón de la Victoria. Click on the course you are interested in to get more information about it.

Group Spanish classes in Malaga

Our teachers adapt the topics according to the level and the students. On your first course date you will be handed over the course book, which also will be used during the course. Topics about Spain and Latin America will be treated in the Group Spanish Classes in Malaga.

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