Don’t worry- we assure you that if you have booked a semi-intensive or intensive course, you definitely can start your classes on every Monday.
However, please take in mind the following;

  • You have booked a residential course: As the residential course isn’t an independent course, i.e. the participants of this course will be in the same course as students of the semi-intensive or intensive course with the same level, it will not be possible for us to offer this course.
  • You have booked a semi-intensive course: Nothing changes; you will have two lessons per day.
  • You have booked an intensive course:
    -if in 2 hours of your course there are at least 2 students in your group (students who have booked a residential or semi-intensive course), but in the next 2 hours you are the only student, you will have 2 group lessons and 1 private lesson as long as this situation exists.
    -if you are the only student of your level, you will have 2 private lessons as long as this situation exists.Even in these two scenarios, you will be advantaged because as it’s only you and your teacher in the private lessons, your Spanish skills will improve quickly- and it’s cheaper as if you’d pay for private lessons.